The first South East Asia Nutrition Leadership Program (SEA-NLP), held in October 2002, organized within the SEAMEO-NUTRINET (Nutrition Network) framework and conducted by the SEAMEO-TROPMED-Regional Center for  Community Nutrition (RCCN), deserves its due attention.

It reflects the responsiveness of the Nutrition Center to the need for leadership knowledge and skill for-nutrition professionals, academics (etc)-all those interested in and concerned about nutrition problems-for young potential future nutrition leaders in the region.

It is the observation that past and present nutrition leaders had acquired their leadership skills by learning and experience through the years. In the meantime, as in many other fields of science the increase in knowledge about the subject of nutrition per-se and its consequences for health, disease, economy etc has created a growing number of sub-specializations. At present these are dietetics, clinical nutrition, public health nutrition, community nutrition and public nutrition. Along with it, it is now recognized that the determinants and consequences of human nutrition status include not only agriculture, biological and physiological factors, but also psychological, cultural-social factors, economy and politics-which are influenced by the vast development of information / communication technology and globalization.

With the rapid advance in the science of nutrition and the present-future complexity of the nutrition problems to cope with, nutrition leaders should indeed be equipped with sound leadership know-how to become effective leaders each in their respective responsibilities.

Needless to say, the RCCN needs the contribution from the alumni of the SEA-NLP – to make its endeavor to provide the region with effective nutrition leaders a success.


Advisory Board,

Acting Director, SEAMEO – TROPMED RCCN – UI