The Fourth South East Asian Nutrition Leadership Program (SEA-NLP) is held to facilitate the development of leaders in the field of human nutrition in South East Asia region. In the rapidly changing society, it is imperative to build strong leadership skills for nutritionists in South East Asia region working in government institutions, academia, food industries and others. Leadership skills will enable nutritionists to build vision, recognize the need and make direction of change in the field of human nutrition and to empower people to achieve it. 

The SEA-NLP leans towards and under auspicious of the European Nutrition Leadership Programme (ENLP). The  SEA-NLP has trained seventy eight individuals working in nutrition fields throughout the South East Asian countries. 


The SEA-NLP aims to empower nutritionists and other professionals in nutrition-related fields from academia, governments, industries and non-government institutions to become effective leaders. Specifically, the SEA-NLP aims to:

  • Provide participants with competencies of leadership and communication skills in nutrition.
  • Give participants a greater understanding on the role of nutrition in development.
  • Provide forum of networking for future collaboration.

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