Led by host of the day, TEAM C (Aziz, Airu, Sang, Nuby, and Rita), a class session delivered by Prof. Khor Geok Lin, Professor Emeritus of community nutrition at Universiti Putra Malaysia entitled Nutrition Leadership in an Era of Disruptions. Prof. Khor discussed about disruptive innovation, an innovation that creates a new market or value network, disrupting an existing market, and displacing an earlier technology. She gave us some real examples of creative and innovative disruption in this digital era such as how Uber became the largest online taxi company and defeated conventional taxi companies even though it has never owned a taxi, and so other giant companies.

Another disruption explained by Prof. Khor was technology such as the presence of the internet. About IoT or “Internet of Things” that to the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet. She took an example of herself how she used Apple Watch connected to her iPhone to control her daily health. It was one of the health innovations in the disruptive era.

Furthermore, Prof. Khor explained the leadership insights that we need to have in the disruption era. We should not be afraid to offer a bold holistic goal, demonstrate our resilience and try to always have the ability to innovate during a stressful situation. And one of the most important insights was that we need to engage a diverse group of partners in leading transformative changes in this disruptive era and always be a catalyst leader in our environment.