The most awaited session of the day “Graduation Gala Dinner” was led by our best MC, Akim. This gala dinner was attended by the representative of Thailand Embassy, Mrs. Jiraporn Sudanich, the representative of Lao Embassy, Mr. Thepthavone Sengmany, all speakers, SEAMEO RECFON Director, Deputies, the committee, and all 13th SEANLP delegates.

In his opening remarks, dr.Muchtaruddin Mansyur, PhD as a Director of SEAMEO RECFON, expressed his courage for all participants to ignite the collaboration, to tackle the health and nutrition problems in the Southeast Asia Region. As it had been reported, among 281 alumni invested within the SEA countries and also beyond, many have been appointed to play a key role in their respective organization/country.

The session started with “The Cultural Show”, presented all participants explaining the insight of their gorgeous national costumes. Lao PDR delegate with “sinh” a traditional tube skirt made of silk, Thailand delegate with “chut thai” from local market, Philippine delegate with “barong tagalog” the embroidered formal shirt, Myanmar delegate with “longyi and eingyi” the sarong like garment, button side blouse, elegant shawl and flip-flops, Singapore delegate with modified “cheongsam” night dress, Malaysian delegate with “baju kurung” the knee-length blouse worn over a long skirt, and Indonesian delegates represented multiethnic country with Balinese, Padang, Javanese, and Betawi costumes.

Inaugurated by SEAMEO RECFON Director, Aziz Jati Nur Ananda (Indonesia) and Panrawee Praditson (Thailand) were appointed as a 13th SEANLP President and Vice President. This agenda was continued with the outstanding awards not only for participants but also the committees.