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Empowering Nutritionists to Become Effective Leader

The program has successfully carried out 12 SEANLPs and brought up a total of 281 alumni coming from various different countries in the SEA region and beyond, also varied institutions. The participants are mainly officials working at the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Health, Research Institutions, Universities, and NGOs, who should at least hold a Master degree in human nutrition and related fields. The participants need to have a good proficiency in English.

In addition to the support provided by the ENLP Board members from Wageningen University (Prof. Hautvast and Prof. Frans Kok), the SEANLP has received continued support from Prof. Dr. Corazon V. C. Barba, the former Director of Food and Nutrition Research Institute, the Philippines and Emeritus Professor, Institute of Human Nutrition and Food, College of Human Ecology, University of Philippines Los Banos, Philippines, and Prof. Khor Geok Lin, Emeritus Professor, Universiti Putra Malaysia. SEANLP also benefits very much with the involvements of ENLP Alumni Association board members every year, to enrich SEANLP sessions as well as to bring closer the ENLP/SEANLP alumni.

Number of SEANLP Alumni

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