The program consists of 5-day intensive workshop with core topics on effective leadership, networking and collaboration, and leading nutrition in the global context. The methods include outdoor activities and classroom sessions such as seminar, discussion, group work, case studies, and role play.

The participants are challenged with hands-on exposures to put all theories of leadership into practice as each participant has to deal with assignments which require multitasking and collaborating efforts. For example, being the host of the day entails a series of tasks to run the program in that particular day, including arranging a dinner which includes “after dinner speech” and producing a newsletter as a way to practice writing and communication skills. In addition to this task, each of the host members is also involved in various committees which may be as creative as “Anti Stress” committee who deals with inventing ice breakers in between sessions, or “The Cabaret” committee who is assigned to arrange a farewell party at the end of the program. Tension and hardship are commonly encountered by the participants, thus the program also provides the medium for the participants to apply immediately what they have learned from the lectures in terms of good communication skills, conflict and time management, as well as how to lead oneself and others. A new idea about advocacy in nutrition will be part of the assignment for this year’s program.